Best in Bed

Best in Bed

Raised to trust in performance and at the notion that all abilities must be optimized,'' Emma is a young, methodical woman who appears determined and relatively sure of herself. But two successive failures (real or imagined) lead her to feel she has a true problem: she is unworthy during sex. Because she is fragile than she appears, Emma hence decides to become... the most useful secular in Paris! She puts out on a solid course of activity (theory, practical, identification of obtained knowledge), which soon provokes a series of misunderstandings and disasters within her immediate area. For one thing, her method doesn't prove to be adapted to her field of evaluation. And Emma has probably also forgotten just a tiny detail: love does not comply any program. In this quest that is nutty and ridiculous, Emma will figure out how to let it go, to eliminate control, and also, to win her freedom.
Duration: 91 min
Country: France

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