Laugh or Die

Laugh or Die

The celebrity called the Funniest Man in Finland, along with also his troupe are going to be implemented to its atrocities committed throughout the Civil War in Finland. An admirer of both Parikka, jaeger Lieutenant Nyborg, suspects a certain miscarriage of justice. He wants to save the actors. The coming visit of the German General von der Goltz into the prison island provides him. Nyborg suggests that the celebrities make a humorous performance for visitors and never be taken. Alternatively, they will soon be given a new trial. Preparing a comedy in the dreadful conditions, in the middle of hunger and death, sounds an overwhelming task. Just a handful of real celebrities are still living, the others of the troupe contains stagehands. Parikka has to make use of all of his imaginative skills in order to generate some thing funny.
Duration: 103 min
Country: Sweden, Finland

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