The Butterfly Room

The Butterfly Room

The beautiful young Alice, befriends a elegant lady, ann, with an obsession for butter flies. Together with her innocence that is seductive, Alice establishes a disturbing mother daughter relationship with Ann. Lured to her perverted planet, Ann soon finds that she is not the recipient of this girl's affections. Confronted from Alice's other female buddies, a shadowy, past that is hidden awakens, unchaining a spiral of insanity: a collection of brutal and bizarre crimes that Ann will need to commit to conserve her deceptive and benign looks. The one who admits there is something unsettling about Ann, is nine year old her nextdoor neighbor's daughter, Julie. With a child's curiosity, Julie begins to learn more about the corners of Ann's flat, discovering a dark secret hidden in the walls of this forbidden butterfly room. Nobody considers what she has seen except for the daughter of Ann. Horrified, she realises that this younger girl's fate lies within her hands.

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