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Shockwave Darkside

Shockwave Darkside

The nano-plague that disturbs the water distribution of Earth has already reached its critical mass that was 60-year. The first exodus was forced by the Unlight enemy by which the banished people was designed to perish. However, now the Unlights therefore so are piling on their darkside of the moon for a enormous operation's industry and have launched from Earth. It will likely soon be the Great War and lunar troops have been sent in to battle for its resource. However 1 squad is taken down and the five soldiers find themselves stranded. They start a travel that is dangerous through minefields and then snipers straight back with their extraction point with only 3-6 hours of oxygen. Since their numbers dwindle and nerves fray, they make an amazing discovery about the planet's satellite which might save their lifestyles. Together with gravity producers includes a space shocker By THE BANSHEE CHAPTER.

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